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Thinking back, my enjoyment of logic and solving problems started in Maths class at school. It was definitely my best subject and taught me both perseverance and trying lots of different approaches to reach a solution. Two traits that currently serve me very well as a software engineer.

During my school years I was pretty unsure where I wanted my career to go. This changed after picking up a book about web development (here, if you’re interested) and stumbling into the world of programming.

I found learning about web development and programming really interesting and started to entertain the idea of pursuing software as a career. I began researching how to get into the industry and landed a place on Sainsbury’s software developer apprenticeship.

During the apprenticeship I rotated on a number of software projects and was exposed to a range of technologies (FE, BE, mobile). After completing my apprenticeship, for which I achieved the highest grade (distinction), I continued working as a full stack engineer on my last project rotation. As part of this role, I was writing code for a Golang API. I found myself really drawn to this and found that back-end work suited my ‘logically-minded’ brain.

After this experience, I moved over to Perkbox to continue working on the back-end side with Golang and within their Go ecosystem. Having spent a period of time contracting, I am currently building dashboards at Geckoboard in Go.

One of my passions is getting more women into technology so I have volunteered teaching web development courses (HTML, CSS , JavaScript, jQuery etc.) to female university students. This is with the company Code First Girls and I have really enjoyed being a supportive role model to my students.

Outside of software I enjoy cycling, singing and learning French 🇫🇷